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A list of some of the worst websites from Canada sorted by the most ugly. Some examples of bad web design from Canada that are responsible for some of the ugliest websites ever from that country.

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1 Urbex Engineering Ltd.

going strong since 2004
worst websites ever urbex

Urbex Engineering Ltd. is a General Contractor, Project Manager, Consulting Engineer, and Manager of Land Development in Hamilton, Canada. They may know a lot about engineering and stuff, but they have no clue about websites and why you should want one. Some of the pages in the main navigation on this site have had a little 'under construction' image on them since the site was created back in 2004. And some of the other pages have almost no text on them at all.

The screen size of the site is so small that it is optimized for mobile since 2004. On the other hand, this means it isn't optimized for desktop anymore really. Why a firm this size doesn't spend a little bit of its budget on their website is beyond me. And even if you don't want to spend anything on your site, maybe put a little content on there.

​And like that, we have a website from the proud country of Canada on our site.

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