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A list of some of the worst websites from Cyprus sorted by the most ugly. Some examples of bad web design from Cyprus that are responsible for some of the ugliest websites ever from that country.

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1 Cyprus Limassol

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Bad web desing from Cyprus is a website that sells all kinds of electronic gadgets. The website features on of the worst and ugliest rotating banners we have ever seen. Bigger is better. Louder is better. Yes? No. Unless you want to scare away your visitors. Also, a website with popups that tell you your windows system is infected aren't that trustworthy. I wouldn't want to buy anything from a site like that. From lovely Cyprus or not.

Even nice gadgets look ugly when presented this way.

Found a problem on your page? Um, yes, but actually, the problem is the page. It is awful and unattractive. Bad web design all around.

Not smart to show the SQL querie of the shopping cart.

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