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1 Ashtar Sheran

heavenly angels are warning against chipping and enslaving of people

The ideas of Czech (?) Ashtar Sheran can be seen on many a website. Lots and lots of websites in different languages, but all with the same ideas. The most important one being: don't let anybody chip you. A noble cause.

Maybe someone fell on his head while he was still very young, I don't know. There must be 50 websites or more with this junk and no visible attempt at selling anything. You do have three different bank accounts for donations which is quite professional. Maybe it's just a guy who discovered a way to earn a living, I don't know. But the production behind this, really. This is bigger than the Star Wars franchise. It's a a titanic effort to keep so many websites online in different languages. Obsessed much? I wonder if it's a group effort or just one guy. If the guru himself is doing all that work I say wow. If not I feel sorry for whoever is doing all that hard work. A disciple (that also fell on his head in his youth or at a later age). And so many beautiful images that have to be created for each site. A life's work for sure.

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