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A list of some of the worst websites from Ireland sorted by the most ugly. Some examples of bad web design from Ireland that are responsible for some of the ugliest websites ever from that country.

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1 Irish Self Builder

Self Build Ireland, Building a House, Self Build, Irish Self Build

What can we say. An ugly site, that's for sure. Some nice action going on with the ugly trucks and gates. The reason for the animated GIFs is to hide the fact that it's a static site with the sole purpose of selling adverts. The only dynamic part about this site is the advert space which probably changes from time to time. But why a company would want to place its ads on a site like this is beyond me. A site like this doesn't have 'real' visitors. But maybe these companies are just buying links on a 'similar' website for their Google ranking. A few hundred euros is probably nothing for them. And so the internet becomes an uglier place every day, and the people making it more ugly are the ones that profit.

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