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A list of some of the worst websites from Taiwan sorted by the most ugly. Some examples of bad web design from Taiwan that are responsible for some of the ugliest websites ever from that country.

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1 Dogetech Group

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Bad flash web design Dogetech

Dogetech Group is a company in Taiwan that manufactures Textile Machines. And they have a terrible flash website. Really awful. This website is a real find. As bad websites go, this is on a level of its own. Some horrible flash design. The about page is a horrible mess and completely unreadable. The site is too small for todays screen sizes and is butt ugly.

But the real winner on this site is the flash intro. If you can, you really should enable flash on this site and listen to the intro music. Put it really loud to let it immerse you completely. But watch out if you're an epileptic, the flashing lights could give you a seizure. No, really, watch out.

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