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Books To ReadBooks To Read is a website dedicated to the best books and novels out there. The goal of the website is to help visitors find their next favorite book to read. You can find new books to read in different ways. You can browse books recommendations or lists of current book bestsellers in all kinds of genres and categories. You can also consult the custom list of top ten books in different genres, such as the best war novels ever, the best horror books ever, the best cookbooks ever and so on. New custom top tens of the best books to read will be added on a weekly basis.

You can also use the book search function on the site to look for books by author, title or keyword. If you happen to know an ISBN book number you can use the ISBN Lookup tool on the website to search for more information about a specific book. Happy reading!


On Ugliestthingintheworld.com you can find lists of every imaginable ugliest thing in the world. From the ugliest buildings in the world, skyscrapers, houses to the ugliesty animals in the world, to ... whatever.

Check it out at Ugliestthingintheworld where we collect all kinds of ugly things from all around the globe for your viewing pleasure.

You can find some examples of ugly and/or funny things below:

Ugliest dog in the world RascalUgliest headquarters in the world: SIS Building in Vauxhall, LondonUgliest mole in the world: the star nosed moleUgliest apartment complex in the world: Mirador Building in MadridUgliest hotels in the world: Malaysia's First World HotelUgliest tower in the world: Torre Velasca in MilanUgliest shoes in the worldUgliest sea mammal in the world: Elephant sealUgliest company headquarters in the world: Longaberger Basket Company buildingUgliest dog in the world SamUgliest embassy in the worldUgliest tower building in the world: Renmin Ribao building, BeijingThe Blobfish, the ugliest fish in the worldUgliest office building in the world: United Equipment Company, Turlock, CaliforniaUgliest building in the world: The Slovak Radio Building in BratislavaUgliest college building in the world: Aoyama Technical College BuildingUgliest library building in the world: National Library of BelarusUgliest hotel in the world: Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau