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Bad webdesign Japan: Comme des garcons

A site submitted by Daniel. Why does he think this is a bad web site? "Pretty much speaks for itself. The actual website doesn't load, until you click the link on the main page 3 times, for some reason and trust me, you'll wish you hadn't. This is quite possibly the worst website ever made.  I'm absolutely speechless."

The first three pages of the site actually consist of three slightly different images, each 2000 pixels wide. A few of the elements of bad web design from this site. Mystery meat navigation that causes irritation because you revisit pages (empty pages at that) that you already have seen. If you're looking for a store you have to be lucky to find it (bottom left black dots). If you are really unlucky you are back at the first page and your journey can begin once again. Almost all text is embedded in images, which makes this site an SEO disaster.

The main element of bad web design for this luxury brand? A website has to provide answers for the questions visitors have. only provides more questions. The site is basically a trap for visitors, a maze. Most of the images on the site are 'hip', the site itself certainly is not. Technically, it's an old fashioned site. Very simple html with clickable images, that is about it. My guess is that this was made at least five to six years ago.

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Bad webdesign Japan: Comme des garcons
Bad webdesign Japan: Comme des garcons
Bad webdesign Japan: Comme des garcons

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