Minnick Roofing

using Comic Sans since 1999
Worst websites ever: Minnick Roofing, California

Minnick Roofing is a California based roofing company with a website that dates back to 1999. Designed (or better: constructed) with Frontpage 4 it uses Comic Sans as its main font, a brave choice. We also like the mission statement: Emergency Repair, Rain or Shine, with a nice little rainbow.

Other features of bad web design. A tiny navigation at the bottom of the page. Pages are very small, with the exception of some pages where the text covers the full width of the screen. Not a nice combination of page layouts that. A mix of font sizes with a font size of 1 (Comic Sans) for the smallest text which is impossible to read. Tiny images with too much JPEG compression.

Click on a screenshot to see a bigger image

This site is feauterd in:   bad web design   innocently ugly  

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Some of the animated gifs on this site:

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