Myers Horse Farms

a limited supply of frozen semen available for a $3500 stud fee
Ugliest site in the world: Myers Horse Farms is the website of Myers Horse Farms. Specialized in horse breeding and chocolate cookies. A unique website by unique people. The design of this website is linked to its content: a strange mix of unrelated things all thrown together with the main theme being chocolate cookies. Of course: horses are often brown, same as chocolate cookies. Yes, now I can see the link between it all. Also great: the nostalgic look of the images. There's a creepy quality to them.

Some of the amazing features of this site. Floating navigational images (who ever thought that was a good idea?). 'Games' (that no longer work). A recipe for chocolate cookies (hence the repeating background images of faded out cookies).

If you like this site, also check out, where you can find more of the same horse and cookie madness.

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This site is feauterd in:   bad web design  

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