Pacific Northwest X-ray Inc.

This web site is our catalog! No printed catalog is available.
Ugliest websites ever -

Pacific Northwest X-ray Inc., you have got to love that name, sells X-Ray related accessories, parts, supplies, and equipment. And, I'm taking a wild guess here, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region. They have a glorious website with a glorious name It's a four letter .com name, yes, but that's about it. X-ray equals rays equals waves, et voila, we have an idea for a background image. What the neon like colors have to do with x-rays I am not so sure.

I don't understand why you would show your main navigation bar (those tiny, unreadable links you see on most pages) on almost every page, except the homepage. Granted, it's almost unusable, but still. Why not the homepage? I mean, this is deliberate so someone, somewhere must have thought about a reason for doing so. If that someone ever comes to visit this site, please leave a comment explaining why you did that. I really would like to know.

This web site is our catalog! No printed catalog is available. Really? Do you really think that's a good idea? I think a small redesign of this site could, let me guess, double the earnings. Tripple?

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Ugliest websites ever -

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Some of the animated gifs on this site:

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